Remedy’s driving force is our proprietary

PharmaLogic® data engine.

Why has Remedy spent millions of dollars
building and perfecting PharmaLogic®?

Put it this way: would you choose a surgeon who operates straightaway in the hopes of helping you — or the surgeon who carefully uses an MRI and thus knows exactly what needs to be done to help you?

Without PharmaLogic®, a broker, consultant, or insurer is advising you just like the surgeon operating without an MRI.
With proven evidence — expert analytics of your claims — you can make the educated decisions that
measurably improve the well-being of your employees and reduce costs.

Empowering HR departments.

PharmaLogic® identifies and measures the components that create sustained solutions. In turn, by leveraging the combined power of their proprietary claims data and our team of pharmacy benefits professionals, Remedy’s clients’ reject opacity, embrace transparency, and control their medication plans.

It’s your health. Own it.

Remedy + PharmaLogic® =
The Power of 1-2-3.

The three key phases of Remedy's all-inclusive service engagement:


Remedy exposes in great detail how your program is broken, what it is costing you, and where savings can be generated. Specifically, we optimize your complex PBM agreement by repairing the specific contractual terms and ambiguities that are working against you, in the process creating a long-term blueprint for success.


PharmaLogic® analyzes every one of your claims, data field by field, to ensure that the new blueprint is followed, measuring the savings being realized. It transforms the big data into digestible, strategic guidance on such things as utilization; patient adherence; clinical insight; formulary; fraud, waste, and abuse; plan design opportunities; and more.


We help you to better meet your ERISA fiduciary duty of prudence. Without regular monitoring of your thousands (sometimes millions) of claims each year, it would be very difficult to know that the PBM plan document is being adhered to, a foundational rule of being a fiduciary. With Remedy, you save time, save money, reduce risk.

PharmaLogic® Plus

Data integration

Health plan and PBM medication claims, otherwise in separate silos, are integrated by PharmaLogic® so that these rich data sets can then be “crosswalked,” providing unbiased, clear-cut action items that deliver cost efficiencies across benefits programs.

An unbiased, fully aligned engagement.

Engaging with Remedy removes the subjectivity and emotion — and, worse, third-party conflicts of interest — that can creep into benefits decision-making. Instead, backed by agnostic technology, we work with you to make evidence-based, intelligent decisions with your current program or a new program of your choosing.

The proof is in your data.

PharmaLogic and Remedy’s actuarial team can demonstrate our value and the benefit to you in less than a week, with minimal effort on your part. Contact us and see the results for yourself.

See the Proof for Yourself