A virtuous circle.

Remedy makes your entire medication program work for you and your employees — with zero disruption.

Remedy provides agnostic, data-driven medication insight to create the efficiencies that result from optimal drug utilization and patient adherence. In the process, we help you to improve the management of your employees’ health as well as the health of your bottom line.

Play it safe.

Self-insured employers — not their PBMs or health plans — have a fiduciary duty of prudence in managing their ERISA assets. However, the likelihood is that most benefits managers are not fully executing on that requirement. Remedy clients — backed by PharmaLogic®’s thorough monitoring of every data field of every claim — can see below the waterline and ensure PBM contract adherence, greatly reducing their fiduciary exposure.*


* Remedy itself is not a fiduciary, nor does it provide legal advice. Please consult legal counsel for specific matters.

An elite team of dedicated professionals.

We are healthcare experts, pharmacists, engineers, data scientists, programmers, actuaries and client-engagement professionals, all dedicated to one thing: leveling the playing field so our clients — self-funded health plan sponsors — can get the most out of their pharmacy benefits plan.

Meet the Team

Championing your objectives with technology-backed claims monitoring, actionable analytics, and expert support.

We work with HR/benefits teams of self-insured entities — big and small, public and private — that are passionate about harnessing agnostic analytics to successfully create measurable improvements on the performance of their prescription drug plans.

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